Booked the lead in three short films:
Contractional Obligations – shot end of October 2019
Mirrors – shot early November 2019
We’ll Miss You – shot mid-November 2019.

Booked a supporting role in my second feature:
Mnemosyne – shoots mid-December 2019


In November, NYU’s Fales Library agreed to collect the documentation of The Living Museum of the Nomad Monad, the project described in Bertie’s book, as well as my theatre’s early work in the ’80s and ’90s.


One of my most enduring projects was documented yet again in Bertie Ferdman‘s astonishing book, Off Sites: Contemporary Performance Beyond Site Specific. She had also written about it a few years back in Performing Arts Journal. Thanksgiving 2020 will mark the project’s 30th anniversary. Stay tuned for publication of my memoir about this notorious period in New York City history, to be followed by a feature film pitch. A heartfelt thank you to Bertie for her support. You can buy her book here.


Thrilled to have participated in Pope.L:Conquest also known as the Pole:L Crawl on September 21, 2019,
sponsored by the Public Art Fund. See me on stage with Pope.L at 5:07 to the end.


My new commercial voiceover demo, hot off the presses…


My company will produce its 5th Annual Coney Island Ritual Cabaret Festival, April 24-26, 2020. More information here

And click here for the Youtube playlist of this year’s 20+ singular acts!

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