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2018 NEWS

In November, I signed with Los Angeles-based RSA Talent Management

and the one I co-produced WON in its category!

WINNER – category Made in Coney Island!!!
The Infamous Mermaid Uprising of 2017
(co-produced and appear in)

* * * * *

Cold Fish (dir. Alyssa Traitz)
Official Selection in the category Shorts With Legs
Fantastic Fest, Austin

* * * * *

Woodbridge/Creepy Kid (see below)
Semi-finalist in Top-Rated Screenplay competition, Austin Film Festival

My short Telephone Line — shot in late spring 2018 — is in post-production.

My short essay, Milk and Honey, was published in Eat, Darling, Eat.

I am in talks with The Museum of the City of New York to collect artifacts from a 3-year-long public arts project titled
Nomad Mondad: The Making of Thieves Theatre’s Last Stand
that my theater company produced in the early 1990s.

In July ’18 I was asked to audition (based on my listing at ACX) for the Audible audiobook
German for Beginners: 15 Short Stories to Help You Learn and Enjoy German (with Quizzes and Reading Comprehension Exercises)

I got the part!! but was unable to accept the work due to the timing.
The part required perfect, accent free German and English. Here is the audition:

Proud to be featured in the podcast In the Balance, by Susan Lambert, in which I talk about my work and its intent ––
including about ICL, Butoh and Creepy Kid (see below).

In March, my company produced the third annual Coney Island Ritual Cabaret Festival
Here is the 19-minute documentary about the wildly entertaining ride!!

The Violent Information was released in February ’18
I play a tipsy suburban mom disappointed in her kids.


Creepy Kid (released online in January 2018)  is a true-life memoir, TV pilot, teaser and short film written and directed by Michael C. Bryan.
I play the manic/depressive mother with borderline personality disorder who abused her son. He finds his strength and emerges triumphant.

Woodbridge is the TV adaptation of Creepy Kid. It is a drama series set in 1978 that takes a darkly comical look at a wildly dysfunctional family.

This important memoir, the pilot and the film are all available for procurement.
Please contact Michael C. Bryan or me for more information!

The stellar creative team includes:
Andy Verderame (promo editor), former SVP of Creative Services at truTV and Creative Director at HBO.
— Matt Rocker, whose extensive sound editing resume includes Lord of the Rings and Winter’s Bone.  
Luigi Benvisto (DP), winner of the Student Academy Award and the Golden Eagle Award, among others. 

Here are two teasers followed by an 18-minute short film released in January ’18:

My theater company received a grant for its part in creating The Carnival of Connectivity.
Watch the 6-minute documentary on BRIC-TV. Thank you, Sasha Chavchavadze!

BROOKLYN ARTS FUND — Carnival of Connectivity Collective is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

ICL Logo website
Also check out my theater company International Culture Lab, including an excerpt from an article in Performing Arts Journal documenting a significant phase of its 38-year history.